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Billy Batson is feeling that he is not living up to his potential as the superhero Shazam, along with his siblings who have their own superpowers and have started going off to do their own things. The Shazam family faces a new threat when the Daughters of Atlas – Hespera, Kalypso, and Anthea – arrive on Earth after the barrier between their worlds is broken (thanks to Billy breaking The Wizard’s staff in the last movie). The elder sisters want to reclaim their god powers from the siblings, while Anthea poses as a high school student and takes a mutual liking to Freddy Freeman.

The Daughters search for a golden apple containing the Seeds of Life that would plant the Tree of Life on Earth and unleash their army of monsters upon humanity. They succeed in their plan, but Anthea and Hespera realize Kalypso has become mad with power in regards to their previous goals. Kalypso summons the dragon Ladon and uses him to impale Hespera before depowering Anthea. The other siblings lose their powers as well, but they find unicorns that help them fight the monsters. Billy takes it upon himself to defeat Kalypso by briefly reviving Hespera and having her help him trap Kalypso in a dome that they created around the city. Shazam fights Kalypso and Ladon at the Lincoln Financial Field before summoning a powerful blast of lightning to destroy the villains at the cost of his own life.

Billy’s family buries him in the realm of gods until Wonder Woman finds them and uses her powers to bring Billy back to life, as well as restoring the powers of Anthea and Billy’s siblings. Anthea stays with the family while The Wizard lives on Earth now.

During the credits, Amanda Waller’s lackeys Emilia Harcourt and John Economos show up to recruit Shazam to the Justice Society, while Dr. Sivana is still plotting something with Mr. Mind.

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