Submitted by Tornado Dragon

One day, Merrick (Gabriel Byrne) arrives at the island in a new ship along with his men to get his treasure, but when he goes to the location where he hid it, he finds it missing, since Haakon (Smian Smestad) had found and moved it. He orders his men to go back to the ship and bring a few of Haakon’s captured shipmates onto the island to aid in a search for his loot, and to lock the rest up in the brig. Having overheard this, Haakon, Jens (Trond Peter Stamsø Munch), and Mary (Louisa Haigh) decide that Mary will take the treasure onto the ship at night and free their shipmates while Haakon and Jens would deal with Merrick and his men. Before she goes, Haakon tells her that if they are captured, she and the others must leave without them, and she must give his share of the treasure to his family. Mary gets aboard and frees the others, and they lock up the lone two men Merrick left behind to guard the ship.

In the morning, Haakon and Jens launch a surprise attack on Merrick and free their other shipmates. They lead Merrick’s men on a chase around the island and eventually lose them, but as they run towards their boat on the beach, Merrick intercepts them. He draws his gun and orders Haakon to give him back his treasure, unaware that he’s close to a leg snare trap that Haakon made. Haakon and the others trick him into stepping on the trap, and he gets hung up in it. Haakon and the others get on their boat and start rowing towards the ship, but Merrick frees himself just as his men show up, and they pursue Haakon in their own boat. Just as Merrick gets an opening to shoot Haakon, Mary fires one of the ship’s cannons at Merrick’s boat, blowing it to pieces. Haakon and the others get on board the ship and sail away, leaving Merrick and his men stranded.

Haakon returns to his family’s farm in Norway, along with Jens and Mary, and they’re all now wealthy because of the treasure. Haakon tells his father that Mary will be staying with them for a while, and with the family’s newfound wealth, he was able to buy their farm, saving them all from homelessness.