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The cop murdered at the beginning of the movie was the brother of Jericho Hudson (Freddie Prinze Jr.), a skilled pool hustler. Det. Michael Mortensen (Callum Keith Rennie) killed him in front of Cue Ball Carl Bridgers (Ving Rhames) not knowing their was a videorecording of the act. Bridgers stole the tape and has held it over the head of Mortensen ever since. Knowing that one or both men were responsible, Hudson enters a long con of in order to bring both men out into the open, as well as the tape of his brother’s murder. Though suffering some close calls, Hudson is able to manipulate the situation so that Mortensen and Bridgers kill each other. Hudson recovers the tape and delivers it to the police, exposing Mortensen’s corruption and his role in the murder of Hudson’s brother. Hudson then heads off with his girlfriend Jezebel (Rosalyn Sanchez) to make a fresh start in his life.