Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Despite getting his wish in having an open relationship with both his boyfriend Jamie (P.J. DeBoy) and new guy Ceth (Jay Brannan), the film James (Paul Dawson) has been making about his relationship with Jamie is actually a suicide note. The last bit of footage was to show him killing himself, but when he attempts to do it by drowning himself in the pool of the gym where he worked, the voyeuristic Caleb (Peter Stickles) saves him. He calls 911, but leaves his phone number and e-mail address on James’ face and leaves. James wakes up in the hospital, and after seeing the contact info he calls Caleb. Jamie and Ceth call the hospital later on, but learn James checked himself out, and they worry and wonder about where he went.

Rob (Raphael Barker) is shown with Severin (Lindsay Beamish). He likes to get sexually beaten, but he could never ask his wife Sofia (Sook-Yin Lee) to do it to him, so he pays Severin to do it. Severin gives him what he wants, but she loses control and breaks down, and Rob ends up trying to comfort her.

James is shown at Caleb’s house, where he reveals to Caleb about his tape being a suicide note and that he had Ceth come into his and Jamie’s relationship so Jamie wouldn’t be alone when he took his life. Caleb reminds him that Jamie loves him very much, and that he loved Jamie back. James and Caleb eventually end up having sex with each other, and James allows Caleb to penetrate him, something he never let anyone do to him before.

Sofia, during a counseling session, has a daydream where she goes to a park bench on the edge of the sea, and attempts to have an orgasm again. She fails, screaming in frustration.

While all of these storylines are going on, the whole of New York City then experiences a blackout. During it, Jamie sees James through Caleb’s window, and James smiles at him.

It all comes to a head at the Shortbus, when Sofia, followed by Jamie & James, and then Ceth & Caleb, all arrive there during the blackout. Sofia sees Rob with Severin, and they acknowledge each other. Eventually, as Justin Bond (himself) is singing a song that starts out wistful but gets more energetic and positive, especially when a marching band comes in (much to Severin’s delight), Jamie & James make out on the floor, Ceth & Caleb hit it off and make out, Rob finds and makes out with another woman, and Sofia hooks up with Nick & Leah (Jan Hilmer & Shanti Carson), a couple she had seen having sex at the Shortbus a few times before, and through having sex with them she finally achieves an orgasm. As she has it, the lights in the city come back on, and the movie ends.