Submitted by Julio M

When it seems like Vince (Harvey Keitel) will get away with it, and kill Deloris (Whoopi Goldberg), a shot is heard through a door, and it reaches Vince.  Lt. Souther (Bill Nunn) and a crew of cops arrest Vince and his goons.  Deloris, Mother Superior (Maggie Smith) and the rest of the nuns are safe.

They all go back to St. Katharine’s Church, so Deloris can direct the nuns in the special concert in honor to His Holiness, the Pope (Eugene Greytak).  They perform “I Will Follow Him” in front of a full house and, in the end, everyone cheers and gives a standing ovation, including His Holiness himself.

The final credits roll, along with some depiction of “publicity”, indicating how famous Deloris has become after her shenanigans as a nun, as well as a recorded LP.