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Tibby (Amber Tamblyn) survives a pregnancy scare and eventually gets back Brian (Leonardo Nam).

Lena (Alexis Bledel) discovers Kostas (Michael Rady) isn’t married.

Carmen (America Ferrera) gets the lead in play and breaks off her friendship with Julia (Rachel Nichols).

Bridget (Blake Lively) discovers the letters by her grandmother and confronts her father (Ernie Lively) about it. Her father was on bad terms with her. Bridget leaves for Turkey and reads the letters. Later, Bridget goes to she her grandmother Greta (Blythe Danner). Greta then tells Bridget that her mother was always sick. She couldn’t pretend that her mother was sick just like her father wanted.

All four of them eventually wind up in Greece due to the fact that Effie (Lucy Hale) lost the pants. They don’t find them but Lena does get back with Kostas.