Submitted by Jeremy

In 1944 Finland, a prospector and Winter War veteran, Aatami Korpi (Jorma Tommila), finds a hefty gold deposit and starts to make his way to the nearest bank. He is found by a Nazi platoon led by Bruno Helldorf (Aksel Hennie). When they try to take his gold, Aatami retaliates with brutal kills, as he has earned a reputation for being a deadly and dangerous man with the nickname “Koschei” (“The Immortal”).

Helldorf and his goons briefly take Aatami out by trying to blow him up and hang him before stealing his gold so that they may retire since they know the Nazi party will soon lose power. Aatami frees himself and catches up to the platoon, arming their female prisoners to kill the Nazis while he catches up to Helldorf, who is trying to escape to Norway on a plane with the gold. Aatami gets on the plane and fights Helldorf, sending him plummeting to his death while strapped to a bomb that explodes gloriously. With the pilot dead, Aatami braces for impact.

Aatami survives the crash and recovers the gold, then travels to Helsinki with his dog to exchange the gold for bills.

01 hours 31 minutes