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Thomas Miller (Eddie Izzard) is a British agent posing as a schoolteacher. His mission is to investigate the school, a prep school housing the daughters of high ranking Nazi officials.

llse Keller (Carla Juni) a former student and agent for the German is informed that the war is starting and she is to extract the girls, as the Nazi’s don’t want them to be used as hostages. Keller later kills Miller’s boss, framing him for murder.

Captain Drey (James D’arcy) is a double agent and Nazi Sympathizer who attempts to steal Miller’s evidence of Nazi’s agents in the UK. Drey had killed the previous agent, Wheatley after his cover had been blown. Drey is killed by his partner Willis who was ultimately mortally wounded by Drey.

Miller and headmaster Miss Rocholl (Judi Dench) race to a location where they know a plane can land and warn the British government. Keller had taken the girls there, most unwilling to leave. Keller’s plan is foiled when the plane is intercepted by a British plane and must abort. Tasked with killing the girls if extraction fails, Keller is ultimately convinced to surrender by Miller. The girls embrace Miss Rocholl.

Miller tells Miss Rocholl the girls will stay in the UK at the school with her until the government can figure out a solution. The girls sing him a song as he leaves. On the radio we hear Neville Chamberlain speak of the invasion of Poland, and how the United Kingdom has no choice but to go to war against Germany.

01 hours 39 minutes