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After Sean (Stephen Baldwin) initiates another real-life fight between the Super Chiefs and the IceBreakers during a show, Claremont (Gary Busey) tells his lackey, Cooper (David Lewis), to have Sean brought to his office. Before Sean and Claremont have their meeting, Sean reads a newspaper article stating that the Hanson Brothers (Steve Carlson, Jeff Carlson & Dave Hanson) have won the $115 million Lottery America jackpot, and Claremont tells Cooper that he wants to re-negotiate all the Super Chiefs’ contracts so he can gain more control over them. Cooper tries to warn him that the contracts are long-term and that the team can take him to court if he tries to re-negotiate them, but Claremont sternly reminds him that he gave him power of attorney over the team and their contracts so he could figure these things out no matter what it took.

Claremont then chats with Sean, telling him that he has a lot of serious money and interest tied up in the IceBreakers show and Better America could withdraw their endorsement of the show – and the millions of dollars that comes with it – if they see that earlier fight. He then offers Sean $500,000 to leave the Super Chiefs and go home, but on the condition that he convince the team to go along with the show completely before he leaves. Needing the money to pay off his debts, Sean agrees to the deal. He spins a story to the rest of the Super Chiefs where he claims that he has a bad shoulder and must get it scoped by a surgeon, and he adds that Claremont has promised to give them some real games with the IceBreakers in a month if they don’t cause any more problems during the scripted games. He also tells the captain, Miller (David Paetkau), that the TV exposure from the IceBreakers show could get him noticed by the professional hockey teams. The coach, Jessie (Jessica Steen), doesn’t believe anything that Sean is saying, but she doesn’t stop him from leaving.

As Sean rides with Cooper to the airport, Cooper tells him that what is happening to the Super Chiefs isn’t right, and he also says that he is tired of working for Claremont but lacks the courage to quit. At the airport, Sean reminisces about playing pond hockey as a boy, and he also watches a panel discussion on a sports TV show where the panelists are talking about the IceBreakers show and how they consider it to be a black eye for ice hockey and that they feel that Sean is embarrassing the sport by participating in it. All of this prompts Sean to change his mind and return to the Super Chiefs.

Sean heads to the arena where another show is taking place, but along with him are the Hansons and some boxes they are carrying. They enter the Super Chiefs’ locker room after the end of the first period, and Sean tells them all about the deal he made with Claremont before telling them that they need to be hockey players and not let Claremont take that away from them. He then opens the boxes to reveal that they contain their old Charlestown Chiefs jerseys and declares that they should play for real now. The guys put the jerseys on and return to the ice for the second and final period, with the Hansons joining them.

The Chiefs begin to pummel the IceBreakers, and after the Chiefs score the first real goal of the game, the scoreboard is reset to 1-0. Appalled over both the violence taking place and the fact that their company’s name is plastered on this show, the Better America executives hanging out with Claremont tell him that he will be hearing from their lawyers tomorrow, having decided to withdraw their endorsement. The score is tied 2-2 going into the closing seconds of the game, and Miller gets the puck, but it seems like he will act selfish again by not passing it to an open Sean. Fortunately, Miller does end up passing the puck to Sean, and he scores the game-winning goal.

The Chiefs celebrate their victory in the locker room with the press, and Sean shares a kiss with Jessie. Claremont then storms in and tells Sean that he is going to sue him, but Cooper soon appears and informs Claremont that he had earlier exercised his aforementioned power of attorney and sold the Chiefs out from under him to the Hansons, who bought it with some of their lottery winnings. After Sean tells Claremont to get out, Claremont approaches him with the intention of hitting him, but before he can, Cooper punches him in the face and knocks him out. The Hansons tell their team that they are going back to playing “old-time hockey” again before they all continue celebrating.

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