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The Junior Chiefs beat the Ice Hounds for the Junior League Cup after Alex scores the winning goal on a penalty shot. Frazier is arrested – after having been publicly exposed by her assistant Hope – for bribing one of the referees just before game time to call things in favor of the Ice Hounds.

Riley and Shayne officially become a couple, Alex ends up going to a private school on a scholarship and becomes a star on their hockey team, and the Newman Home for Boys closes down and reopens as the Hanson Home for Boys on the Hanson Brothers’ property. Because of a wager Frazier made with the Hansons before the game, she is forced to donate $500,000 of her money towards the new home.

The Junior Chiefs make it to the Junior League Championship finals against their rivals the Ice Hounds, who are sponsored by Frazier (Lynda Boyd), and they have managed to drum up a lot of public support to save the Newman Home for Boys in advance of the town council’s vote on the matter, both through their games and through cons that Riley (Greyston Holt) had pulled on his own time.

Unfortunately for them, Frazier – along with some state police officers, her assistant Hope (Sara Canning) and her son Kain (Ryan McDonell), the star goaltender of the Ice Hounds – crashes a party that the Chiefs and their friends and supporters are holding the day before the final game, and she tells the news team present that she discovered that the letter from Mayor Kenneth (Leslie Nielsen) in support of the Newman home’s petition to save it is a forgery, and Alex (Tyler Johnston) gets blamed and later charged for it instead of Riley because Riley created it in the copy shop where Alex works. Frazier then shows off a newspaper article stating that the home’s director, Randall Webb, has been absent from the home and on the lam for the last six months after committing armed robbery in Florida, ending the boys’ charade of Webb still running the place as usual, and she lastly presents a photo that was secretly taken of Riley defacing the town’s statue of Dexter the Dog and getting the blame for it put on the Wild Cats team. All of the boys are sent to the Child & Family Services Center, the Newman home is shut down, and the Chiefs become shunned by the community.

After Mayor Kenneth returns from Peru, Riley writes him a letter explaining the whole situation at the Newman home and his attempts to save it. He then makes a call to the Hanson Brothers (Steve Carlson, Jeff Carlson & Dave Hanson) and asks them to make a deal with Frazier so they can be allowed to play in the championship game. The Hansons meet Frazier and tell her to let their team play, and if her team wins, then she will get their property. What she must put up in return is left unknown for now. Everyone is set free except for Alex, mainly because of the forgery charge, but also because Frazier had schemed to keep him there since he is the Chiefs’ star player.

Before the game, Riley apologizes to the team for lying to them and for turning them into a goon squad, so since this is their last game both as a team and as an orphan family, they should play it the “old-time hockey” way. However, they don’t realize that Frazier has just added three boys from the juvenile detention center’s violent crimes wing to her team’s lineup and also bribed the head referee, wanting to ensure that the Ice Hounds emerge victorious.

In the first period, the Chiefs get punished by the Hounds and the corrupt officiating and trail 1-0. Having been listening to the game on the radio, Alex decides that he needs to help his team, so he gets the better of the guard watching him and escapes the center. During intermission, Hope – fed up with Frazier and her despicable behavior – has a video play on the arena’s video screen showing Frazier bribing the referee, which she had secretly recorded on her phone. The referee is arrested and taken away, as is Frazier at game’s end. Meanwhile, as the Chiefs are arguing in the locker room over whether or not to resort to goon tactics again, Mayor Kenneth appears, having been watching the game from the stands. He tells them that he is responsible for the town letting them down, and he encourages them to play hard, but play fair.

During the second period, the Chiefs step up their game, but Riley gets hurt by one of the enemy enforcers. Shayne (Emma Lahana) goes down to check on him during the second intermission at the same time Alex shows up, and she accepts an invitation from Riley to suit up and help the team stick it to Frazier and Kain. When the third period gets underway, Shayne scores a goal on Kain, the first to get by him all year. Kain complains to a referee about it, but he finds out that Shayne has been on the Chiefs’ roster since day one; she was just never used until now.

At the close of the period, Alex is tripped up just before he is able to shoot a potential game-winning goal, which gives the Chiefs a penalty shot. Alex successfully scores the goal and wins the Junior League Cup for the Chiefs, and as the team celebrates, Riley kisses Shayne.

Some time later, Alex goes to a private school on a scholarship and becomes a star on their hockey team. The Newman home closes down for good, but in its place comes the Hanson Home for Boys, which is situated on the Hansons’ property. Because the Ice Hounds lost, Frazier has been forced to donate $500,000 of her money towards the new home.

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