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In high school, Ken Boyd (Kevin Corrigan) tried out for the basketball team and wasn’t picked; as a consolation prize they gave him the role as the mascot. Ken was never accepted as part of the team. Tired of the other players sense of entitlement, he wrote a graphic novel which viciously mocked them. Several members of the team took offense, beating Ken up and threatening to set him on fire. This caused him to have a psychotic break that resulted in a long stay in a mental hospital.

Years later, Ken is stuck in a rut. Just when it appears that he is getting back on track with a new relationship with Stephanie (Lucy Davis) and Amy (Ariel Gade), the daughter he never got to know, the old classmates reappear around town, dredging up his memories. Ken apparently snaps and kills them all, putting his new life in jeopardy. He is later arrested by Sheriff Fuller (Barry Bostwick). However, it is revealed that Ken never committed a single murder; he only drew or imagined them. The real killer is Irv (Leo Fitzpatrick), Ken’s friend. Fuller arrests Irv just as he is about to kill his boss and Amy. Irv confesses to the crimes saying he witnessed Ken’s beating but was too afraid to intervene. He killed the men responsible to finally stand up for his friend.

Ken, now free of suspicion of being a murderer and with his tormentors dead, lets go of his past. He reconnects with Amy, drawing her a graphic novel with her as a basketball star, and she apparently will live with him again. Amy and Ken go to Stephanie’s so he can introduce her to Stephanie. Ken is mending his relationship with Stephanie too so he can move on with his life.