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The film is based on a true story of Homeland Security Agent Tim Ballard (Jim Caviezel, who took on a mission to recover children sold into sex trafficking. After a former beauty queen named Gisselle/Katy Juarez brings a group of children in under the guise of being a talent scout, Tim is able to get a pedophile to help him find one of the captured children, Miguel Aguilar. After Miguel asks Tim to help find his older sister Rocio, Tim decides to go to Colombia to take down the whole operation.

With help from a former cartel member, Vampiro (Bill Camp), Tim organizes a fake sex hotel to lure Katy and her goons to deliver the children there. They successfully arrest her and her men, but even though they rescue 54 kids, Rocio is not among them. Tim learns that she is in a rebel camp in Colombia under the captivity of a man called El Alacran/The Scorpion (Gerardo Taracena).

Tim infiltrates Scorpion’s camp and finds Rocio. He fights and kills Scorpion before rescuing her and fleeing from rebels. Rocio is reunited with Miguel and their father.

The ending text states that Tim Ballard’s work helped establish new laws over sex trafficking investigations and also the recovery of more than 100 victims.

02 hours 15 minutes