Submitted by John L

Nellie Forbush (Mitzi Gaynor), a Southern girl from Arkansas, is horrified to find out that her lover, Frenchman Emile  de Becque (Rossano Brazzi), was once married to a dark-skinned Polynesian woman and has two dark-skinned children. Her racist feelings lead her to break off their relationship.

Heartbroken, Emile agrees to join U.S. Navy Lieutenant Joe Cable (John Kerr) on a dangerous mission. Cable is killed on this mission, and Emile is reported missing in action.

Thinking Emile is dead, Nellie goes to his estate and tries to comfort his children. As she gets to know Emile’s children, her racist feelings disappear, and she begins to love them as much as she had loved their father. Together, Nellie and the children sing “Dites-Moi.” As they sing, Emile returns home safely. He is delighted to see Nellie and his children together. They embrace, and clearly will not separate again.