Submitted by Evil Ed

A fine cast, including Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen, Marge Helgenberger, Forest Whitaker and Alfred Molina follow a trail of male corpses who don’t live up to the standards of Sil, a half-human/half-alien, genetically-engineered hybrid who escapes from a government lab and just wants to pick up guys to make a baby.

Henstridge has no problems disrobing at every opportunity and H.R. Giger strikes again, giving us a monster design that includes tentacles that spring from its nipples! Finally, Sil gets her man. Kingsley, Madsen, Helgenberger and Whitaker track Sil underground. Kingsley is quickly dispatched. The monster gives birth to a hybrid baby boy that is summarily shot.

While Whitaker dangles above a flaming pool of oil in an underground cavern, Helgenberger wallows around in it until Madsen rescues them both and blows the head off of Sil. A rat eats a piece of one of Sil’s tentacles and grows a big tongue of its own.

This is the movie that made Henstridge a star and has spawned a franchise.