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Peter tries to humiliate Mary Jane by openly dating Gwen Stacy in front of her. However, Peter accidentally assaults Mary Jane during a brief struggle at a jazz club. Completely ashamed of his recent actions, Peter goes to a church tower and rips the black suit off; as the symbiote is sensitive to noise, the ringing of the church bell causes it to weaken. Coincidentally, Eddie Brock is at the same church, and notices Peter struggling at the top of the tower. A piece of the alien substance lands on Eddie, and it bonds with him to become Venom. Venom approaches Flint Marko, who claims that the two are united by the cause of wanting to destroy Spider-Man. Flint agrees to help him.

Eddie and Flint capture Mary Jane and dangle her 80 stories above the New York streets. Peter approaches Harry for help, but he is initially refused. Spiderman is unable to fight both Venom and the Sandman at once, but Harry, as the New Goblin, flies to Peter and Mary Jane’s aid. Eventually, both villains are subdued, but not before Harry is impaled by an oncoming pike aimed at Peter, courtesy of Venom. Flint tells Peter that he had no intention of killing Ben Parker that fateful night, but that it was an accident caused by fear and desperation. Peter forgives Flint, and the Sandman disappears. Harry, however, does not survive his wounds, and dies after understanding that Peter would never have killed his father.

Peter and Mary Jane later have a tentative revival to their relationship.

02 hours 19 minutes