Submitted by Emmy

India (Mia Wasikowska) and Charlie (Matthew Goode) decide to leave town for New York City after India fails to completely clear herself of guilt in regards to Whip’s murder. Evelyn (Nicole Kidman) confronts Charlie about the nature of his relationship with his niece, India.

Having already taught India how to kill, Charlie attempts to murder Evelyn in front of her. India pulls out her rifle, and shoots him, rather than allowing him to kill her mother. The camera pans up past the graves of the past victims, with a fresh one for Charlie. Evelyn wakes up in her bed, with bruises around her neck.

India has left her schoolgirl shoes behind, and, wearing high heels, takes the convertible, putting her bag over a pair of gardening shears in the passenger seat. Driving down the highway, she’s pulled over by the sheriff, and cuts his neck. She follows him slowly as he tries to escape through a field, then shoots him.