Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Joe (Sylvester Stallone) heads to the Brunswick airstrip to stop Parnell (Roger Rees) and his men from taking off with some smuggled guns on a plane. He handcuffs his mother, Tutti (Estelle Getty), to Mitchell (Dennis Burkley) in his house before he departs to prevent her from coming with him. However, she gets free, knocks Mitchell out, takes his car and gun, and heads for the airstrip. She is spotted upon arrival and is taken on the plane as a hostage. Joe sees this, so he hops in a semi-truck and manages to catch up to and wreck some of the plane before it can take off, rendering it unusable.

Parnell soon seizes Joe and one of his goons, and he and Tutti are taken into a hangar to be killed. However, the sirens of approaching police cars that Joe had called are heard. Parnell orders the goon to bring his car to him, and then he aims his gun at Joe, fixing to kill him first. Tutti takes her gun out of her purse, aims it at Parnell, and shoots him in the shoulder before he can shoot her, incapacitating him.

Parnell is arrested, and Tutti promises Joe she will stop embarrassing him and interfering in his professional and personal lives. As Joe and Gwen (JoBeth Williams) – now engaged – are seeing her off at the airport, she identifies a criminal she saw on America’s Most Wanted and causes a scene when calling him out. He draws a gun and starts running, but Joe soon tackles and cuffs him. Tutti tells Joe that he is wanted because he shot his mother.

01 hours 27 minutes