Submitted by Jeremy

Reggie is a happy little terrier who thinks he has the best owner in the world, Doug. In reality, Doug is a terrible person who doesn’t care at all for Reggie and frequently tries to abandon him. After he successfully ditches Reggie in the city, the little dog befriends other strays – Bug, Hunter, and Maggie. While they show him how much fun it can be to be a stray dog, Reggie resolves to return to Doug’s home and get revenge by biting his penis off. The other dogs agree to join him.

The strays get into several misadventures, including running from fireworks, nearly getting grabbed by a hawk, tripping on psychedelic mushrooms and mauling a family of rabbits to death, and later getting caught by animal control. After they escape, Reggie is still shown to be holding out hope that Doug cares about him, and he abandons his friends. Later, the other strays help locate a missing girl scout named Riley, and it inspires them to go after Reggie.

Reggie returns to Doug’s house after finally realizing he was always a bad owner, but Doug decides the only way to truly get rid of Reggie is by killing him. The other dogs show up just in time and help knock Doug down, allowing Reggie to bite his penis off while his house goes up in flames.

Hunter and Maggie become police dogs and also a couple, while Bug is adopted by Riley. Reggie chooses to remain a stray to help other lost dogs, but he visits Bug at Riley’s house since she and her little brother welcome him.

01 hours 33 minutes