Submitted by Julio M

The situation becomes really complicated for Gardner (Matt Damon) and Maggie (Julianne Moore): Officer Hightower (Jack Conley) suspects them after coming across some Mafia books with codes that seem to incriminate Gardner; Sloan (Glenn Fleshler) and Louis (Alex Hassell), the two thugs who killed Rose (also played by Julianne Moore) earlier in the film, believe that Gardner wants to cheat them out of the offered money and won’t stop threatening him; and, to top things up, an Insurance Inspector named Bud Cooper (Oscar Isaac), smelling foul play and fraud, appears and blackmails them into paying him their whole policy collection as hush money -Nicky (Noah Jupe) accidentally eavesdrops on this and becomes highly wary.

Maggie resolves to kill Cooper when he returns that night, to talk to Gardner, by giving him coffee poisoned with lye. But, when it doesn’t fully work, Gardner pursues him, finishes him off with a fire poker and takes his body away to get rid of it, while Sloan follows him. Meanwhile, Nicky calls Uncle Mitch (Gary Basaraba) for help, but Maggie catches on, cuts the phone line and crushes a bunch of pills which she mixes into a PB&J sandwich and a glass of milk intended to kill Nicky; he, however, won’t leave his room, so she leaves it on the table, feeling dejected. At this point, Louis shows up, strangles her to death and places her body on the marital bed; then, goes to Nicky’s room to kill him, but Uncle Mitch appears, shoots him and takes Nicky to hide him in the hallway closet, also giving him his own gun.

Gardner returns home riding a small bike and Sloan catches up with him, to taunt him; then, a fire truck runs over and kills Sloan. Gardner makes it home, finds a bunch of dead bodies -Mitch had been stabbed in the back by Louis and died trying to call for help- and Nicky hiding in the closet. They both sit downstairs in the kitchen and, while coercing a tearful Nicky to either go along with collecting the insurance money and moving to Aruba or be killed “as if Sloan and Louis did it”, Gardner consumes the poisoned sandwich and milk.

All these incidents happen at the same time as the community-wide hostility towards the Mayers escalates into a full-blown riot and confrontation with the local Police. Eventually, it all quells down and people gather to pick up the aftermath of the destruction left behind.

The next morning, Nicky notices that Gardner is laying dead on the table and calmly goes outside to play catch-ball with Andy (Tony Espinosa). At the same time, people speak to the media about the events that transpired the night before, some outlets still seem to try and label the Mayers as unworthy of trying to live in a place like Suburbicon, and life follows its course, everyone seeming completely oblivious to the sinister deeds that occurred at Gardner’s house.