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Simms is a demon. He uses the anthology stories to manipulate the Robo-Patriot into killing the immoral Dumas and then traps Dumas’ soul in Hell.

Long Ending:
Dumas Beach (Bill Martin Williams) is the misogynist and racist owner of a private prison corporation. His company developed an android called “Robo-Patriot” that he intends to use to uphold American values and capture or kill all criminals it finds. He hires a man named Portifoy Simms (Keith David) to tell stories to Robo-Patriot that it will use to develop an algorithm it will use to identify and terminate criminals. Portifoy’s stories are dramatized as the anthology stories outlined below.

After Portifoy tells his stories, the Robo-Patriot is activated at a press conference. Robo-Patriot orders individuals with criminal pasts and who are in the country illegally to turn themselves in. It then determines Beach and his staff as imminent threats to America who must be terminated. It attacks and kills Beach’s staff. Beach jumps into Simms’ car and they appear to get away. However, Simms reveals that Beach was actually killed by Robo-Patriot and they are, in fact, in Hell. Beach is dragged off by demons as Simms (now sporting devil’s horns and glowing red eyes) laughs in glee.

Good Golly: Two friends, Zoe (who is black) and Audrey (who is white), visit a museum with many relics relating to the history of racism in the US. The museum owner explains to the women that since slavery was abolished, Caucasians used stories and art to continue subjugating African Americans. Both women blow off the owner’s lessons. Audrey then asks to buy the owner’s “golly doll” – a doll that portrays black people in a stereotypical fashion – named Golly Gee. She says she inherited her grandmother’s collection of golly dolls and that they bring comfort to her. The owner rejects the offer and says that his golly doll would not bring her any comfort.

The pair return that night with Philip (who is Audrey’s brother and Zoe’s boyfriend). They break in to the museum to get Golly Gee. Therein, Zoe and Philip engage in sexy role play using an old slave-era whipping post. The trio are startled when the post falls on Zoe and Audrey breaks the case containing Golly Gee. With its cage broken, Golly Gee comes to life and grows to human size. Golly Gee kills Zoe (it pushes her into a racist caricature’s giant mouth, which closes on her body and “bites” her in half) and Philip (who Golly Gee whips to death, with his guts falling out when his flesh is torn away). Audrey then seduces the doll and has sex with it. Nine months later, Audrey (who has been made the museum owner’s captive) gives birth to hundreds of small golly dolls (and is killed in the process). The owner chuckles that Golly Gee only acted in the way intended by its racist creators.

The Medium:
A gangster named Brian captures a wealthy reformed criminal named Cliff. His goons beat Cliff up in an attempt to get him to reveal the location of $5 Million. Cliff refuses to tell them and taunts them instead. One of the goons eventually gets so angry that he accidentally kills Cliff. In an attempt to finish the interrogation, Brian kidnaps Cliff’s girlfriend Sandra and breaks into the home of a noted TV psychic named John Lloyd. Brian demands that John channel the spirit of Cliff. If John succeeds, they will threaten to kill Sandra to force Cliff to tell them where the money is. If John fails, they’ll kill him and rob his house. John is a total fraud but, having no other choice, he decides to host a séance (and hopes he can bluff his way through it).

The séance actually works and Cliff possesses John’s body. Now in possession of supernatural powers, Cliff kills Brian and his goons (he snaps one goon’s neck, forces the second goon to eat glass, and electrocutes Brian). It is implied Cliff and Sandra actually planned for this to happen. In possession of a new body and now having the ability to actually talk to spirits, Cliff finds great fame and fortune in John’s body.

Date Night:
Two men, Ty and Kahad, meet two women for a double date. They meet the two women, Carmen and Liz, at their house. The four hit it off, play games and flirt. Despite things going well, Ty puts drugs in the ladies’ drinks. The drugs knock them out. He and Kahad carry the females upstairs and strip them down. They prepare to rape them while they record their “conquest.” It’s obvious that they have done this many times before.

However, neither of the women show up on the tablet Kahad is using to record them. Carmen and Liz suddenly recover and bear their fangs. The men quickly realize the ladies are vampires. Carmen and Liz overpower the men and drink their blood. Ty and Kahad pass out. When they awaken, they find themselves locked in a basement surrounded by the ladies’ past victims who are now bloodthirsty vampires themselves. The women release the male vampires from their restraints and laugh as Ty and Kahad are devoured.

The Sacrifice:
This story is intercut with a dramatic reenactment of Emmett Till’s real life murder.

Henry Bradley is a black Republican councilman in Mississippi. He supports the Republican plans to close polling locations in black neighborhoods. Although Henry’s mother urges him to vote against this proposal, Henry remains steadfast that he will support the poll closures (it’s later revealed that the GOP candidate for Governor will help him get the mayor’s office in return).

Henry’s wife is pregnant and fragile after a prior miscarriage. His wife continues to see visions of the ghost of Emmett Till (whose death at the hands of racists helped spark the civil rights movement). She says that Emmett is choosing life, i.e., that he will capitulate to the demands of his murderers instead of standing up for his dignity (and in so doing, will not be murdered). As Emmett leans towards not sacrificing his life, Henry’s baby starts fading out of existence. Additionally, the world starts changing around Henry. The US is now run by racists and his wife now detests him for being black.

Henry finally converses with Emmett’s spirit. As they talk, other civil rights icons like Martin Luther King and the girls killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing also appear. They remark that they didn’t sacrifice their lives so that Henry could sell out his people for his own self-interest. Thus, they have chosen not to sacrifice themselves (and as a result, this alternate reality where open racism rules exists). Henry realizes the error of his ways and sacrifices himself. He is beaten to death by the racists in this alternate reality. Because Henry finally sacrificed for the good of others, the ghosts of Emmett and the others also decide to die for their cause. Reality as we know it is restored. Henry’s mother and wife mourn his death, but his baby is now safe thanks to Henry’s sacrifice.