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Moorehouse (Tom Wright) contacts Clarence (Anthony Griffith) from beyond the grave, telling him to bring the three crooked cops that killed him and ruined his image – Strom (Wings Hauser), Newton (Michael Massee), and Billy (Duane Whitaker) – to his grave. Clarence does so, and Moorehouse rises from his grave as a zombie, killing Billy and then chasing after and killing Strom and Newton. Moorehouse also punishes Clarence for not helping him out the night he was murdered by framing him for the cops’ murders, which results in him being incarcerated in a mental hospital.

After Walter’s (Brandon Hammond) schoolteacher Richard (Rusty Cundieff) pays a visit to his house to talk to his mother Sissy (Paula Jai Parker) and his stepfather Carl (David Alan Grier) about the “monster” that was hurting him, we learn that the “monster” is actually Carl. He begins to viciously beat both Walter and Sissy over the whole “monster” business, but Richard sees this outside and runs back into the house to stop him. Carl manages to incapacitate him and looks to kill Sissy, but Walter – who has the power to hurt or destroy whatever he draws – takes the drawing he made of Carl as a monster and begins to fold and crumple it, causing Carl’s body to break, contort, and collapse. Eventually, Richard turns an oven burner on, and Walter puts the drawing on it, burning Carl to death.

The dolls that possessed the souls of the murdered slaves lied within a mural in Duke’s (Corbin Bernsen) office in the plantation mansion, along with the ghost of the voodoo priestess that put the souls in the dolls, Miss Cobbs (Christina Cundieff). One night, all of the dolls come out of the mural after Duke attacks and maims the doll that killed his image maker Rhodie (Roger Smith), and – as the ghost of Miss Cobbs looks on – they eat Duke.

It is revealed that everything Crazy K (Lamont Bentley) experienced – from when he was shot by the three thugs onward – was just a dream, because he slipped into unconsciousness after they shot him. Those same thugs come up to him and finish him off.

Simms (Clarence Williams III) reveals that the thugs that killed Crazy K were Stack (Joe Torry), Ball (De’aundre Bonds), and Bulldog (Samuel Monroe Jr.), the same thugs that were now in his funeral home to collect the stash of drugs. The thugs intended to kill Simms for knowing about what they did, but they decide to make him give them the drugs first before they did so. Simms takes them into the basement, and shows them three coffins, saying that the drugs were in them. They open the lids to find THEIR bodies resting in them. They learn from Simms that they are actually dead, courtesy of Crazy K’s friends killing them in retaliation, that the funeral home is Hell, and that he is Satan. Hellfire and brimstone emerge around the thugs, and the last scene shows them screaming as the fires of Hell envelope them.