Submitted by Jeremy

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Leo, Donnie, Mikey, and Raph – wish to be part of the surface world with humans in New York City, but Master Splinter forbids them due to his hatred and distrust of humans. The boys meet April O’Neil, an aspiring reporter, and they help her track the mutant criminal known as Superfly.

Superfly was created by mad scientist Baxter Stockman, along with other mutated creatures. Cynthia Utrom, head of TCRI, wanted Baxter’s mutagen to create her own super mutants, while Superfly wants to eliminate humans and mutate every creature on Earth to make them the dominant species. After failing to stop Superfly, the Turtles are captured by TCRI to be drained of their blood until April and Splinter show up to save them.

The Turtles convince the other mutants to turn on Superfly, and they manage to destroy his weapon, only for him to be covered in mutagen to fuse with other animals and turn into a kaiju. After April convinces the people of New York that the Turtles and mutants are good guys, the humans help the Turtles deliver a serum that de-mutates Superfly.

The Turtles are seen as heroes and enroll in high school while Splinter lets the other mutants live in the sewers with them. Meanwhile, Utrom is still making plans to recapture the Turtles and is bringing in none other than The Shredder to go after them.

01 hours 39 minutes