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Judith leaves her husband, Brice, to be with Harley. While having dinner with his co-worker Melinda, Brice finds out that Harley is Melinda’s abusive ex-husband, and is also HIV positive. They rush to Harley’s to find Judith bleeding in the bathtub from being beat up by Harley, who is passed out drunk. Brice beats Harley but before he can kill him, Melinda steps in to stop him. Brice warns him to stay away from both women.

Later, the marriage counselor who was telling the story of her sister Judith to a cheating client tells her that there was no happy ending- Judith contracted HIV. Because of the counselor’s story, the client decides to end the affair she was having and stay with her husband.

It is then revealed that the marriage counselor is Judith. She is seen going to a pharmacy and greeting Brice, who tells her he spoke to her doctor about her new drugs. A young boy and his mother walk in and the boy runs towards Brice- making it clear that he did not work things out with Judith, but moved on and started a family. Judith walks alone, heading towards a church to meet up with her mother.