Submitted by Spectre

Annie (Margot Robbie) is playing everyone. A hit woman moonlighting as a waitress, she convinces the enigmatic Mr. Frankyln to give her his contracts in exchange for eliminating his successors. To that end, she reveals to Alf (Max Irons) that his partner Vince (Dexter Fletcher) plans to kill him for extra money. Alf kills Vince then Annie kills Alf.

In addition, she converses with terminally ill English Professor Bill (Simon Pegg) only to make him realize that he taught her as a child and sexually abused her. She stabs him fatally with a fountain pen in the neck.

Clinton (Mike Myers) the janitor, is Mr. Franklyn in disguise. He leaves for the night only to be accosted by Annie and her double, who knock him unconscious. When he comes to, Annie reveals she has a twin, Bonnie, and they are his daughters, a product of an affair he had with their mother. However, after their mother witnessed a murder he committed, he burned her apartment down. Their mother saved them but died in the process. They were made wards of the state, leading to their abuse by Bill and others. Everything they had done was part of their revenge against him. They proceed to lobotomize their father, then walk off together into the night…