Submitted by Joseph C

The death of their son drives a wedge between shy, repressed  travel writer Macon Leary (William Hurt) and his wife Sarah (Kathleen Turner). They separate, and he moves back home, where he lives with his equally repressed family.

Macon’s dog Edward misses his old home, and begins misbehaving frequently. Macon meets a delightfully quirky woman named Muriel(Geena Davis), a part-time dog trainer who claims she can teach Edward to behave better. Over time, Muriel teaches Edward to control his behavior, but she also teaches Macon how to relax and enjoy life. He falls in love with her and moves in with Muriel and her son.

At the same time that Macon is falling in love with the free-spirited Muriel, Macon’s shy sister Rose is falling for Macon’s publisher, Julian (Bill Pullman).

Sarah tracks Mason down and asks for a fresh start, a chance to make their marriage work again. Reluctantly, he agrees. He leaves Muriel and moves back in with his ex.

Macon flies to Paris to work on a new travel guide, and finds that Muriel is following him. Macon develops severe back pain while in Paris, and is bed-ridden. When Sarah comes to Paris to tend to him, Macon tells her that he loves and needs Muriel. Macon and his wife part amicably.

Macon takes a cab to the airport, and finds Muriel there. They smile at each other… and it appears they’re back together for good