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It is revealed that the main reason for Zeta (Leslie Jones) wanting to destroy both Piggy Island and Bird Island using lava/ice bombs is revenge, due to her being left standing at the altar and heartbroken by Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage) because he got cold feet. Also, her “hench-bird” Debbie (Tiffany Haddish) is Zeta’s and Mighty Eagle’s -whose actual name happens to be ETHAN- daughter, raised by Zeta as a single mom.

After a lot of struggling and showing down against Zeta and her entire force -in many hilarious ways, including, at one point, a breakdance battle at the rhythm of Axel F-, Silver (Rachel Bloom), who was given leadership of the whole operation by Red (Jason Sudeikis) after he finally gives up his persistent desire to be well-liked by everyone, uses her “super string” to catch and contain the lava/ice bombs, causing them to backfire into the weapon and destroy the base. Fortunately, everyone escapes the chaos; particularly Ethan redeems himself in the eyes of Zeta by shielding Debbie with a metal plate.

Back at Bird Island, Ethan and Zeta get married, with Red officiating the ceremony. Also, when everyone cheers for Red, he rightfully gives credit to Silver and the gang for their effort and proceeds to unveil a Mount-Rushmore-like monument in their honour. Red and Silver begin a romantic relationship… but not without Chuck (Josh Gad), Silver’s older brother, annoyingly interrupting.

In a parallel subplot throughout the movie, three younger chickies, one of them being Matilda (Maya Rudolph) and Terence’s (Nolan North) daughter Zoe (Brooklynn Prince), spend a good chunk of the film trying to recover Zoe’s three unhatched siblings/eggs, which accidentally set out to sea while they were reenacting a battle from the previous film using the eggs as part of it. They confront a python and get a helping hand from the Piggy Kids to rescue the eggs; by the end, these eggs hatch, but… THEY HAPPEN TO BE SNAKES, obviously belonging to the python. In a pre-credits scene, the python shows up demanding their offspring back; Zoe swaps them for her actual siblings, who all hatch at that same moment and, while the chickies rejoice, the newborn hatchlings drift out to sea again and one of them says “bye” to a jaw-dropped Zoe.