Submitted by Spectre

Ben (Jeremy Gardner) and Mickey (Adam Cronheim) are two former baseball players who have joined together to survive a zombie apocalypse. While Ben has adjusted to their new surroundings and even prefers the nomadic lifestyle, Mickey searches for normalcy, obsessed with listening with music on his CD player to drown out the madness of his new life.

After finding some radios, Mickey accidentally picks up a transmission between two people who live in “The Orchard” which is apparently a survival community. Mickey begs one of the voices, Annie, to join the group and is denied. Despite Ben urging him to let it go, Mickey persists.

One day, after almost being carjacked, they are accosted by two survivors, one Mickey recognizes as Annie. Not wanting the two to follow them, Annie shoots Ben in the leg and throws their keys in the grass. Ben and Mickey get some sleep only to wake up and realize their car is surrounded by zombies. They ride out an untold number of days in the car until Mickey volunteers to go out and find the keys. Mickey returns, only to realize he has been bitten. A heartbroken Ben is forced to kill him.

The film ends with Ben on the radio, talking to Annie and hoping she is listening. Ben tells her he holds her personally responsible for Mickey’s death and is coming to kill her. In a mid-credit scene, Ben is shown to escaped the car, walking down the road with a limp, and a group of zombies shambling behind him.