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For anyone who has been a victim of cybercrime, watching this film can provide a vicarious catharsis through violence. The film has some interesting societal undertones which elevates it beyond the standard “Jason Statham kills everything” formula.

The Beekeeper (Jason Statham) discovers that Danforth Enterprises is behind the cybercriminal ring that scammed his friend Eloise Parker (Phylicia Rashad) out of her life savings and millions of dollars from a charity she runs, resulting in her suicide. The Beekeeper destroys two illegal call centers, killing many bad guys, including a crazed female beekeeper with a Mini-Gun(!), and subduing many FBI agents in the process.

“Beekeepers” are a secret group who work outside the system, to protect the integrity of the hive (society). The Beekeeper is retired, but goes after the cybercriminals out of revenge, and his desire to protect the weakest of the hive by bringing down the “queen” that has given birth to a poor offspring.

Derek Danforth (Josh Hutcherson) is the son of the President of the United States (Jemma Redgrave). Derek has used the money that his organization scammed from seniors to fund his mother’s Presidential Campaign.

The Beekeeper infiltrates a party at the President’s mansion, kills the mercenaries hired to protect Derek, and disables the Secret Service members guarding the President. When confronted with his impending downfall, Derek kills the Deputy Director of the FBI (Don Gilet) and holds his mother hostage. The Beekeeper kills Derek, and dives out a window. Agent Verona Parker (Emmy Raver-Lampman), who is Eloise’s daughter, chooses not to shoot The Beekeeper.

Though suffering from a stab wound, he digs up scuba gear that he left on the beach, and swims out to sea.

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01 hours 45 minutes