Submitted by Dwayne

(The only book to film adaptation made in his lifetime that Roald Dahl actually liked!)

The BFG (big friendly giant) takes Sophie out Dream Blowing, only to witness the Fleshlumpeater about to devour a boy into whose room the BFG had just blown a dream into. Sophie cries out in an attempt to stop him, but the BFG flees in an attempt to protect Sophie. Back at the BFG’s lair, Sophie tries to convince him to stop the giants from devouring more children. Sophie comes up with a plan to enlist the aid of the queen of England. Under Sophie’s instruction, the BFG creates a dream involving the nine man-eating giants, a big friendly giant, and Sophie herself on the queen’s windowstill.

The BFG blows the dream into the queen’s room as she sleeps and leaves Sophie on the windowstill. The next morning, the queen awakens from the nightmare and the maid finds Sophie on the windowstill. Because the dream showed the queen that a little girl would be on her windowstill in the morning, the queen believes her story. After having breakfast with the queen, Sophie and the BFG lead the military to the giant’s homeland. Eight of the nine giants are easily captured while they sleep, but the Fleshlumpeater wakes up and is able to resist capture.

The BFG confronts the Fleshlumpeater, revealing that he led the military here to stop the giants and their cannibalistic ways. Enraged at this betrayal of his own kind, the Fleshlumpeater tries to kill the BFG, but Sophie cries out to stop him. Recognizing her voice, the Fleshlumpeater pursues and eventually captures her. But before he can devour her, the BFG blows the nightmare he and Sophie captured earlier to subdue him. As the giants are imprisoned in a great pit constructed in London, the BFG reveals that the nightmare involved Jack, a famous giant killer that all giants fear. (you guessed it, it’s Jack from the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk)

The orphanage Sophie lived in formerly is closed, all the children are moved into the palace, and the headmistress Mrs. Clonkers is given the job of feeding Snozzcumbers to the giants. The BFG declines the queen’s offered reward so he can resume his dream-blowing duties. Sophie, having come to love the BFG chooses to stay with him and they return to Giant Country together as the grateful popultation cheers their departure.