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The title refers to the Army’s First Infantry Division.

The Sergeant (Lee Marvin), Private Griff (Mark Hamill), Private Zab (Robert Carradine), Private Vinci (Bobby Di Cicco), and Private Johnson (Kelly Ward) all survive WWII.

They start in North Africa in November of 1942, go through Sicily, Omaha Beach, into France, deliver a baby inside a tank, tend to a soldier whose balls get blown off by a mine, and finally enter Czechoslovakia where they aid in the liberation of the Falkenau Concentration Camp.

The Sergeant’s German counterpart, Sergeant Schroeder (Siegfried Rauch), attempts to surrender in a forest. The Sergeant stabs him but is then told that the war ended four hours earlier. The squad saves Schroeder’s life, atoning for the encounter at the beginning of the film in WWI when the Sergeant (at that time a private) stabs a German soldier to death, only to be told that the war ended four hours earlier.

01 hours 53 minutes