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Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) is a businesswoman who has a following because of her best-selling books on how to become rich. 

A former coworker and fling that she once stole a promotion from is now wealthy and set to enact his revenge.  He gets her arrested for insider trading and all her assets are seized when she emerges, four months later. 

With no close friends, Michelle has to move in with her former assistant, Claire (Kristen Bell), and ends up starting a brownie enterprise after taking Claire’s daughter to a Dandelions meeting and learning about their cookie sales.  Eventually the brownies become so popular, Claire has to quit her job and work full-time for the company that she is an equal partner of. 

Having been raised an orphan, Michelle gets uncomfortable when Claire and her daughter become like a family to her and she uses an investor’s money to create a factory so Claire doesn’t have to be involved anymore; and then betrays her by selling the company to her rival. 

After apologizing, she breaks into her rival’s office to steal back the contract, to nullify the deal.  But her rival is on site and they engage in a fight with Japanese weapons which ends when they both start making out with each other. 

The success of the business helps Claire afford a nice house so she can move out of the small apartment Michelle was staying in with her and her daughter.