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After the happening of many crucial situations in the plot,…:

* Celie (Whoopi Goldberg) found the courage to curse Albert (Danny Glover) for his years of abuse and humiliation towards her, and then leaves him, taking off with Shug (Margaret Avery) and her husband.  She relocates and opens a store.

* Shug, eventually, reconciles with her preacher father (Carl Anderson).

* Sofia (Oprah Winfrey) shows herself more open and forgiving to Harpo (Willard Pugh), and he also decides to take her back.

* Albert, elderly, embittered and lonely, comes to realize that there’s only one thing to do to make peace with life:  he must reunite Nettie (Akosua Busia) and Celie’s two grownup children with Celie; and so he does when he goes to Immigration to make himself responsible for their return.

…the re-encounter takes place:  Celie and Nettie meet again, at the amazement and joy of everyone.  Celie also gets to see her two children, Olivia (Lalo Masamba) and Adam (Peto Kinsaka) -and Adam’s wife, Tashi, as well- for the first time, since she never had the chance to be with them.  Albert watches from the distance, visibly satisfied, and then leaves them alone, forever.

The movie ends with Celie and Nettie playing their favorite childhood game, MA-KI-DA-DA, and cuddling lovingly to each other.