Submitted by Tornado Dragon

One day, Detective Gibbs (Ken Foree) and Detective Sunshine (Tony Noakes) go to Feinstone’s (Corbin Bernsen) home to question him about the murder of Paula’s (Lise Simms) dog (which he committed), and there they find Matt’s (Michael Stadvec) body, as well as the still-living – but tongueless and toothless – Brooke (Linda Hoffman) tied to the bed. They and some cops head to Feinstone’s dental practice to arrest him, but they only find the remnants of his terrorizing, torturing, and murdering for that day.

When she comes back from her lunch break and sees what Feinstone did, Candy (Jan Hoag) tells Gibbs that Feinstone was right now teaching dentistry classes at the local university. In the class, Feinstone maniacally orders his students to pull out all of their patients’ teeth, and then he draws his gun. He starts to hallucinate that everyone is all of the people he’s tortured or killed over the last two days, and he shoots a student when he turns into Matt. The cops arrive, but Feinstone uses a student as a hostage to escape. As he runs, he becomes drawn to an opera singer practicing in the auditorium, and goes to watch her. When he reaches out to touch her, she turns into the mutilated Brooke. This breaks him, and as Brooke laughs at him in his mind, the cops arrest him.

In an obvious dream sequence, Feinstone – at the psychiatric hospital where he’s now incarcerated – is carted off to his regular dental appointment. The toothless Brooke is his dentist, and she begins to work violently on his mouth as the movie ends.