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The Descent

The two remaining survivors Juno (Natalie Mendoza) and Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) manage to find what looks like the exit of the cave, only for it to be swarmed with crawlers. The girls kill the crawlers and when going to leave, Juno is stabbed in the leg by Sarah for sleeping with her husband and leaving their best friend Beth (Alex Reid) to die. Juno is approached by crawlers and killed (off-screen). Sarah runs through the tunnels trying to find the exit and hears Juno’s last screams, distracting her and causing her to fall. Sarah wakes up in the morning and gets out the cave and drives off through the mountains, only to wake up “still” in the cave. She knocked herself out and dreamt escaping after disabling Juno. Sarah decides to stay down in the cave to be with her dead daughter in the afterlife, in which she keeps having imaginary visions of her. We hear crawlers approaching Sarah and she is killed off-screen.