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Alice Creed is abducted by two men, and is genuinely terrified. She discovers that her boyfriend Danny is part of the kidnapping duo. She pretends to go along with him in what turns out to be a plot to get them 2 million pounds from her estranged father, with Danny planning to betray his partner Vic. She doesn’t know that Danny and Vic are gay lovers.

Alice seduces Danny in an attempt to escape, but is overpowered. She later gets a chance to tell Vic that Danny plans to betray him.

Vic attempts to kill Danny (who gets shot, but escapes), and then gets the money and returns to kill a handcuffed Alice. A badly-wounded Danny shows up and kills Vic, but leaves Alice to die. A dying Vic manages to get Alice the keys to her cuffs. She gets out, and walks along a road to find Danny dead in a car with the money. Alice cries, and then drives away with the money…which explains the actual disappearance of Alice Creed.

Thanks to “The Unknown”