Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Lydia (Teresa DePriest) takes the medallion needed to close the door to Hell in the house’s basement and falls into Hell with it, closing the door on the demons, who die due to being shut out of it. The house then begins to crumble and burn, and the sole survivors, Owen (Don Maloney) and Tammy (Lauren Woodland), escape the house before it burns down.

In the narrative, it says that Owen & Tammy were wrongfully convicted of the murders of everyone who died in the house during the film, like their friends and Professor Lamont (Roy Scheider), and they got married in a courthouse before being sent to separate penitentiaries to serve life terms. They keep in close contact via e-mail since they aren’t allowed conjugal visits.

The house would be rebuilt as a bed and breakfast two years later, with free copies of Professor Lamont’s book, Ghostly Phenomena, being given away to the first 500 visitors.