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Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) travels to Italy on personal business. After he is wounded, he is found and taken care of by a local police officer and doctor in the town of Altomonte. He befriends the residents, only to learn that they are being terrorized by the Camorra, a Mafia group led by brothers Vincent and Marco Quaranta (Andrea Scarduzio and Andrea Dodero). McCall also works with an agent named Emma Collins (Dakota Fanning) over drugs found at a vineyard in Sicily, which belong to the Camorra.

After Marco threatens the livelihoods of several families in Altomonte, McCall introduces himself and his skillset by killing Marco and his goons. Vincent plans his revenge by going to Altomonte but has to retreat when the residents start to record him and his goons almost killing McCall. McCall finds Vincent’s home first and kills his men before forcing him to overdose on his drugs, ending the Camorra’s reign of terror in Altomonte.

McCall reveals to Collins that he was in Italy retrieving stolen pension money from a man he previously knew. Collins personally delivers the money, and it is revealed she is the daughter of McCall’s friends Brian and Susan Plummer. McCall ends up staying in Altomonte with his new friends.

01 hours 49 minutes