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Two young girls, Angela and Katherine (Lidya Jewett and Olivia O’Neill), go missing in the woods after playing a game trying to contact the spirit of Angela’s mother Sorenne, who died giving birth to her. When the girls are found, they begin to exhibit strange and terrifying behavior, leading their parents to realize that the girls are possessed. Angela’s father Victor contacts Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn), who wrote a book about her experience when her daughter Regan was possessed.

Although Chris attempts to help, the possessed Katherine gouges out her eyes with a cross, leaving her blinded. Victor joins Katherine’s parents Miranda and Tony in seeking help from preachers of multiple cultures to try and exorcise the demon from the girls’ bodies. The demon, Lamashtu, tells the parents that one girl will live while the other will die, and they must choose who survives and who doesn’t. After Father Maddox is gruesomely killed trying to perform the ritual, Victor tries to reach out to the real Angela, having to apologize when Lamashtu reveals that Victor originally chose to save his wife instead of Angela when doctors gave him the choice. Tony chooses Katherine’s survival, but the demon had tricked them into choosing who dies. Katherine’s soul is dragged to Hell while Angela survives.

Victor and Angela return to a normal life, with Victor’s faith in God somewhat returned, while Miranda and Tony must mourn Katherine.
After a long estrangement, Chris is visited by Regan (Linda Blair).

02 hours 01 minutes