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Mitch (Tom Cruise) is being hunted by cronies from his law firm because he knows they are corrupt.  Everyone else who has tried to leave the firm has been killed as well.  Mitch hires Tammy (Holly Hunter) to make photocopies of all the documents related to the firm’s gangster clients.  He then leverages this against the gangsters who know Mitch can’t talk about their illicit activities due to the attorney-client privilege.  The gangsters also can’t kill Mitch because they know he’ll release all the photocopies.  The gangsters sign a form allowing the release of their invoices to the authorities after Mitch explains they have been overbilled by the firm.

During this time, Mitch’s wife Abby (Jeanne Tripplehorn) cheats on Mitch with Avery (Gene Hackman).  Avery drowns in his bathtub, but it’s implied he is killed as well.

Mitch gives Agent Tarrance (Ed Harris) the invoices so the members of the firm can be charged with mail fraud.

Mitch and Abby reconcile.