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Both Margaret and Carlita are revealed to be children of Satan (who takes the form of a jackal shaped creature to impregnate women). The Catholic Church successfully has Margaret impregnated by Satan and, despite the efforts of Father Brennan and Father Gabriel to stop it, Margaret gives birth to the Antichrist Damien (and the Church places Damien with the Thorn family, kicking off the events from the original film). After giving birth, Margaret and Carlita escape from the Church along with the daughter (Damien’s twin sister) Margaret also birthed and go into hiding.

Long Ending:
1971 – Margaret (Nell Tiger Free) is a young American woman raised by the Catholic Church. She used to suffer from scary hallucinations and exhibit manic behavior growing up, but her mentor Cardinal Lawrence (Bill Nighy) helped her overcome her issues. She is now a novitiate traveling to an Abbey in Rome where she hopes to finish her training and take her vows to become a nun. The Abbey serves as a home for orphaned girls and a center where unwed pregnant mothers can deliver their children. It is run by the stern Sister Silva (Sonia Braga).

One day, Margaret is approached by an excommunicated former priest named Father Brennan (Ralph Inneson, playing the same character from the original film). He tells Margaret that he is concerned that the Church has nefarious plans for one of the orphaned girls living at the Abbey. He says that the girl used to be named Scianna, and the girl will experience much misfortune. Given his banishment, he can’t investigate. But he trusts Margaret as a new arrival. He shows her a picture he has of Baby Scianna with Church clergy. Margaret rebuffs him, but Brennan gives her his address in case she changes her mind.

Margaret befriends a younger girl living at the Abbey named Carlita (Nicole Sorrace). They bond because as with Margaret as a child, Carlita experiences scary hallucinations and manic behavior. Sister Silva treats Carlita very harshly. Meanwhile, Margaret’s fellow novitiate Luz (Maria Caballero) asks Margaret to join her as she sneaks out of the Abbey to go to a night club. Luz says that they will not be able to appreciate the sacrifice of their vows unless they know the life they are giving up in order to be nuns. Margaret gets drunk and blacks out, having no memory of the end of the night.

A nun at the Abbey violently commits suicide in front of Carlita, and Margaret’s hallucinations of demonic entitites return. She suspects Carlita is Scianna and agrees to help Brennan investigate. Carlita finds a secret room in Silva’s office containing multiple files named “Scianna.” Margaret tries to escape with both Carlita and the files, but is captured by the nuns. However she is freed with the help of another ally of Brennan, Father Gabriel (Tawfeek Barhom). They recover the files, but are unable to rescue Carlita. The pair then goes to rendezvous with Brennan.

Reading through the files, they uncover a plan being perpetrated by a sect of the clergy. Worried that the Church is losing its power as atheism and secularism are on the rise, a sect of the Church has decided to bring about the birth of the Antichrist. This in turn will lead to the apocalypse, which will force people to return to the Church for salvation (and thus the Church will regain its historic role as the preeminent power in the world). The word “Scianna” was actually the name of the project to birth the Antichrist, not the name of a single person. The Church has been forcing women to sleep with Satan in hopes of bearing a daughter. Satan will then sleep with his own daughter in order to impregnate his daughter with the (male) Antichrist. As they read through the files, they realize that the Church has already successfully produced two daughters of Satan. One is Carlita and the other… is Margaret. This revelation helps Margaret recover her repressed memory of her night out with Luz. After she blacked out, she was taken to the Abbey and impregnated by Satan.

The two priests try to drive Margaret to an abortionist, but their car is T-boned by Church flunkies (the crash kills Gabriel and knocks Brennan unconscious). Margaret then supernaturally comes to full term and goes into labor as she is dragged off by Church officials. Back in the Abbey, she finds that Silva, Luz, and even Cardinal Lawrence were in on the scheme to impregnate her with the Antichrist. Lawrence commends Margaret, saying that her mothering the Antichrist will save millions of souls. A despondent Margaret gives birth to twins – one boy and one girl. Margaret stabs Cardinal Lawrence with a scalpel and tries to kill the boy, but is subdued and stabbed by the nuns before she can do it. The nuns then leave with her baby boy and set the room on fire. Carlita finds them and helps Margaret and her baby girl escape. As they flee, they see the Devil (in the form of a giant jackal) screaming in pain as its body is consumed in flames. Meanwhile, the Church kills the newly born child of the Thorn family and replace it with Margaret’s son (setting off the events of the original film).

Years later, Father Brennan tracks down Margaret, Carlita, and Margaret’s daughter. They are living in hiding in a secluded cabin. He warns them that the Church has learned of their survival and will be coming to kill them. He also tells them that Margaret’s son the Antichrist, named Damien, is alive and rising to power.

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