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Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) has been trying hard to live up to his responsibility in the Justice League, but as his father Henry is set to try for an appeal after his wrongful conviction in the murder of his wife Nora, Barry ends up running fast enough to go back in time to fix a chain of events on the day of the murder. He succeeds in preventing Nora’s death, but ends up meeting his younger self who has not yet become The Flash. When he tries to recreate the accident that gave him his powers, Barry ends up losing his powers while Barry 2 gains them.

When General Zod and his army of Kryptonians arrive looking for who Barry believes is Superman, the two Barrys seek help from the Bruce Wayne of this timeline, but he is older and retired from being Batman. After some convincing, Bruce dons the cowl once more to help the Barrys find an imprisoned Kryptonian that turns out to be Kara Zor-El, Kal-El’s cousin that also survived Krypton’s destruction. Although she is initially resistant to helping save humanity, Kara comes back after witnessing Zod and Faora killing humans. With help from her and Bruce, they are able to recreate the lightning strike to give Barry his powers back.

The heroes engage in battle with Zod, but Kara and Bruce don’t survive. When the Barrys go back in time to save them, each outcome ends with Batman and Supergirl getting killed. Barry 2 eventually keeps trying for so long that he becomes Dark Flash, who is hellbent on fixing things so nobody has to die. Barry realizes he needs to go back and let Nora’s death happen, and Dark Flash disintegrates when Barry 2 takes a killing shot meant for Barry. He returns to the past and has one final moment with his mother before fixing things.

Back in the present timeline, Barry helps find footage that exonerates Henry, and he starts a relationship with his former classmate Iris West. He then meets the Bruce of this universe, but it’s not the same one he knows (it’s George Clooney instead of Ben Affleck).

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