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One day, Fred (Danny McBride), his friend Mike (Jody Hill), and his top students Henry (Carlos Lopez IV) and Julio (Spencer Moreno) all attend a martial arts expo at a hotel where Fred’s idol Chuck Wallace (Ben Best) is making an appearance. They approach Chuck while he is signing autographs for people. Fred asks him if he would be willing to make an appearance at his dojang’s belt testing ceremony next month, and Chuck responds by inviting the four of them up to his hotel suite later on to talk more about it. When the quartet goes up to the suite, they are greeted by the sight of a wild party taking place in there, which exposes Chuck as a very dirty and debauched person. Eventually, things start to turn sour when the usually-meek Henry knocks out one of the other guests after the guest makes fun of him too much, followed by Mike and Julio each taking down a partier that has a problem with that. Just as Fred joins them for a potential fight with everyone in the suite, Chuck puts a stop to all of it and commends Fred and company for their performances, then tells Fred that he will attend the ceremony provided that he is paid $10,000 for the appearance. Fred agrees, and he and his companions spend the rest of the night enjoying the party.

Two weeks later, Fred is paid a visit by his estranged wife Suzie (Mary Jane Bostic) at his dojang shortly after the conclusion of one of his classes. After telling Fred that she was just fired from her job (their marriage had been on the rocks ever since he found out from her that she gave her boss a handjob at an office party), she begs him to take her back, and he ultimately decides to do so. Fred later sells his Ferrari in order to get the money to pay Chuck, and when Chuck comes to town the day before the testing ceremony, Fred shows him his dojang and then brings him over to his house, intending to have him stay there, and he introduces him to Suzie. Not long after, Fred heads back to the dojang to teach another class and leaves Suzie and Chuck alone with each other, but when he returns later on, he catches them in the middle of having sex on his couch. Fred challenges Chuck to a fight then and there, but despite getting in a good amount of offense, Fred loses the confrontation. Afterward, Chuck drives him off of his own property, and Fred spends the rest of the night drinking himself into unconsciousness.

The next morning, Fred arrives very late to the testing ceremony, but he is able to watch Henry finally develop some guts and defeat Rick (Ken Aguilar) – an over-aggressive student that Henry has had problems with – in a match. Moments later, Chuck walks through the front door to do his demonstration, and Fred leaves the place, unable to stand his presence. He walks over to a neighboring ballpark, and while he is sitting and moping on some bleachers there, Suzie comes up to him and attempts to reconcile with him again. However, having finally accepted that Suzie will never be a faithful and loving wife, Fred tells her that their marriage is over, then takes off his wedding ring and urinates on it right before her. With his confidence now fully restored, he returns to the ceremony and challenges Chuck to a board-breaking (and cement-breaking) contest, knowing that beating Chuck at such a contest would be very humiliating for him due to the fact that he is a world-record board-breaking champion. In the end, Fred emerges victorious and is congratulated by his students and cheered by the audience.

At his dojang’s awards ceremony some days later, Fred presents Henry with his black belt, and he also tells everyone that his trainer, Roy Powers (Sean Baxter), was so impressed with their testing that he has decided that their school will implement a student oath, with Fred to be the architect of the document. He then recites the oath to close out the film.

01 hours 25 minutes