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During a dance on the second night of the college reunion, Lori (Nicole Oliver) gets very drunk and wild, and when she sees Rick (Kevin Dillon) leave the dance to use the men’s bathroom, she follows after him. Moments after Rick walks out of the bathroom, she pulls him into a nearby utility closet and tries to get frisky with him, taking her panties off in the process, but they are soon interrupted by a janitor. This gives Rick the chance to get away from Lori and return to the dance before anything sexual can happen, and Lori steps out of the closet moments later and stuffs her panties into her purse. However, since she is still sexually excited, Lori goes back into the dance, grabs Cameron (John Shaw), and brings him outside onto the golf course, and she proceeds to have sex with him for the first time in a long time. However, neither she nor Rick were aware that Donnie (Chris Gauthier) saw both of them leaving the closet.

The next day, before Rick, Cameron, Ted (Paul Jarrett), and Donnie start their second golf game together, Cameron asks the guys why, during a past conversation they had where they talked about the women they wanted to have sex with back in college, they had never mentioned Lori since she was one of the best-looking girls on campus, and the guys reply that they felt that it would’ve been inappropriate for them to talk about her like that because she is his wife. However, they each soon admit that they did want to sleep with Lori. Later in the day, Cameron comes right out and demands to know from the others which one of them actually did sleep with Lori back in college, based on their responses to his question, and he declares that they aren’t playing another hole until he gets a confession. Rick quickly admits to having done so just so they can continue on with their game, but then Ted and Donnie soon confess that they had sex with her, too. Rick tries to explain to Cameron that their flings with her occurred before he had even met her, and after he started going out with her, she ceased being promiscuous. Donnie – who had been taking a few subtle jabs at Rick over the course of the day over what he thought had taken place between him and Lori the night before – then tells the others that he saw Rick and Lori emerging from the utility closet at the dance last night, and he also saw Lori putting her panties into her purse after they got out. Though Rick tries to explain to Cameron that he and Lori didn’t get up to anything, Cameron punches him in the face, then accuses him of having really had sex with Lori during the multiple times he came back to town over the last six years to visit and sleep with his old girlfriend, Suzanne (Leila Johnson), and he draws the conclusion that that is why he and Lori haven’t had sex all that time until last night. He then tells Rick and the others to screw off before heading back to the clubhouse alone.

While Lori, Suzanne, Peggy (Ellie Harvie), and Karen (Siri Baruc) are enjoying some drinks and conversation in the bar, they take notice of Cameron suddenly storming in and then drinking whiskey straight from the bottle. Having gotten so drunk last night that she doesn’t remember what she tried to do with Rick, Lori approaches Cameron and asks him what is wrong, and he angrily replies that he knows that she had sex with Rick in the utility closet last night, as well as back in college and for the last six years. Ted and Donnie then come in, as does Rick moments later, and they and all of their significant others soon get into an argument over the matter, during which Karen tells everyone that Suzanne’s daughter, Katie, is Rick’s biological child (Suzanne believes that Rick doesn’t know this). After Rick explains to everybody that he and Lori are not having an affair and that nothing happened between them in the closet last night, Karen backs up his explanation when she reveals that – unbeknownst to Rick, Lori, and even Donnie – she saw Rick and Lori both enter and leave the closet, and she deduced that they couldn’t possibly have done anything sexual in there because they were only in there for about a minute. Rick then goes on to say that he and Lori never even had sex in college or at any other point over the last 20 years, and he only said what he said earlier on just so they could get on with their golf game. Of course, he understands now that that was a very dumb move on his part. He then brings up how they all have issues that they are dealing with, and he says that his issue is that Suzanne won’t marry him even though she is raising his daughter, revealing to her that he already knows that Katie is his child. He explains to Suzanne that her mother told him about this years ago; he just didn’t want their daughter to be the only reason that they got married. He hoped that, at some stage, she would accept that he has indeed changed for the better as a person, and he tells her that he loves her and always has. He then tells the guys that they can’t stop being friends because they’re so screwed up, because that is exactly why they need each other. Cameron agrees with him, and he guesses that the reason why he wanted this reunion so badly is because he wanted to return to a happier time in his life. However, Karen wisely tells everyone that there is no “happier time”; there is just now, and what we do from here on out. The four guys soon decide to finish their golf game, so they all head back outside and leave their women to continue drinking and socializing, but before Rick goes, Suzanne tells him that she is proud of how he handled things just now and believes that he truly has changed. Then, after getting confirmation from him that he wants to marry her and telling him that she would like that as well (as would Katie), she kisses him.

As Cameron is about to make his final putt on the 18th hole, he tells the guys that he was fired from his job at the TV station two weeks ago. He didn’t tell them or Lori about it because he lacked the courage to do so, but he is going to have to tell Lori something soon because yesterday was payday and she will notice that he didn’t make their mortgage payment. Cameron then putts his ball, but it stops within centimeters of the hole. When it is Rick’s turn to make his final putt, he feels sympathy for Cameron, so he shifts the head of his putter slightly inward and knocks his ball into Cameron’s, sending it into the hole and giving Cameron and Ted the victory and the $4,000 waged on the game. Donnie tells Rick that he knows that he deliberately missed that putt, but he is proud of him for doing it. Cameron then tells the gang that he has to get up early in the morning because he has a ton of paperwork to do before a sales meeting that he has on Monday morning, revealing that he is still employed and that he has just out-schemed the scheming Rick, and Rick salutes his craftiness.

The four men soon get to singing and rocking out to their favorite song, “18 ‘til I Die” by Bryan Adams, and their significant others notice them from the bar’s window and sing along to the song themselves.

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