Submitted by AJ

Don Knotts’ character is nervous, shy local reporter hopelessly in love with local girl.

He spends night in haunted house and writes story about event.

Owner of house wants to tear it down – to hide the fact he killed his parents years ago.

Wife of banker is leader of local ghost group, she won’t let him sign off on tear down. So, owner takes Don to court to prove story a lie.

They all gather at house at midnight to hear haunted organ play – it doesn’t. Everyone leaves, except Don – and girl is downstairs checking things out. As Don goes to leave, he hears organ music and rushes upstairs. Janitor from newspaper is there! He was gardener in house at time of murders and saw everything. Said nothing because his sheers were murder weapon. They hear scream and rush downstairs. Owner is holding girl. They overpower him and Don is hero.

Ends with Don and girl’s wedding. As they start to leave church, organ plays music he heard in haunted house – and there’s no one at the keys!