Submitted by Spectre

Tommy Fielding (Scott Porter) has not been faithful to Beth (Alexis Bledel). In fact, he has been cheating on her with several women including his supposed ex, Christie. When Beth sees Christie at a bar, she goes to confront her, having believed Tommy’s story about her being a stalker. Instead, she learns the truth, and calls Tommy to break up with him.

Heartbroken, she calls up Daniel (Bryan Greenbreg), Tommy’s co-worker she had been getting closer to, and he comes over to her apartment. They both realize there is a real connection there and get together soon after. Tommy who seems remorseful about losing Beth, is last seen one morning with a woman he flirted with while he was still with Beth. He uses a similar line he did with Beth to charm her and notes his previous relationship “just wasn’t right.” Tommy has learned nothing from the experience, and apparently will never change how he treats women.