Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Lainie (Cheryl Hines) defeats Jack (Woody Harrelson) to win the tournament and the $10 million. As a consolation prize of sorts, she gives him Fred’s (Ray Romano) lucky hat and tells him that it will bring him luck.

Also, during the tournament, she tells her father Seth (Gabe Kaplan) to start showing more support and love for Larry (David Cross), and after Larry is eliminated, he takes her advice. In the end, Larry develops stronger relationships with Seth, Lainie, and her family. He also starts teaching poker to Native Americans, buys Seth a ranch dressing factory in Sri Lanka, and gets a woman in his life (though she is a prostitute).

Jack is visited by the ghost of his grandfather Lucky (Barry Corbin), who tells him that, when he ran the Rabbit’s Foot, he did it because he liked it. Jack was only doing it because he thought he had to, and that was a waste of time. He tells Jack to go live his life and stop trying to preserve his legacy because he didn’t care about that anymore.

The Las Vegas Planning Commission rejects Lavisch’s (Michael McKean) design for the One Lavisch Plaza. He managed to get it built in Macao, China, but he became unhappy with it very quickly and had it demolished just one week later.

Andy (Richard Kind) is revealed to be the famed online poker player “Pocket Aces,” and he was only pretending to be an amateur so the more experienced players he faced would become overconfident and therefore easier to beat. Despite not winning the tournament, he uses his winnings from the PartyPoker website to buy a house for him and his wife in Boca Raton, Florida, fulfilling their dream to live somewhere warmer.

Ruth (Estelle Harris) abandons Harold (Chris Parnell) and runs away with poker expert Mike Werbe (Michael Karnow), but Harold is (not surprisingly) largely indifferent about it.

Lainie and Fred end up investing the prize money in the Rabbit’s Foot, saving it from demolition. It underwent dramatic renovations and reopened six months later, but then two months after that, it was struck by lightning and burned to the ground.