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Brewer (Jessica Henwick) shoots Hansen (Chris Evans) as he is about to finish off Six (Ryan Gosling) during a brutal fight in the center of the garden maze. Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thorton) is killed helping Six and his niece, Claire (Julia Butters) escape the mansion. (It is later indicated that Brewer shot Fitzroy).

Margaret (Alfre Woodard) sacrifices herself so that both Six and Miranda (Ana de Armas) can escape a massive hit squad by destroying her own house. The Lone Wolf (Dhanush) gives Miranda the drive after an extended fight because Hansen and his mercenaries are not “honorable”.

Brewer orchestrates a coverup so that Carmichael (Rege-Jean Page) is not implicated. Carmichael destroys the drive. Six escapes the hospital, extracts Claire from the safe house she is under guard in and flees with her.

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