Submitted by Froggy Little

Buck Howard (Malkovich) finally got his break after his collapse. He went on to several different talk shows but Jay Leno bumped him. Buck decided to try out in Last Vegas. The focus group result prompted the producer to make some changes to his show and Buck yielded this time. However, Buck was not able to find his money in Las Vegas show. The movie led us to believe that Buck Howard is gone from the limelight for good. Troy (C. Hanks) found a job as a writer in Hollywood through the network of Valerie (Blunt). Some time later, Troy saw an ad of Buck Howard Show in one small town on the newspaper. Troy travelled to the town to see Buck. Troy wanted to know what had happened in Las Vegas and how did Buck find his money. Troy reiterated those rumors of technologies trick that Buck used. Buck did not explain but instead invited Troy to sit in as an audience for the show and Troy did. Buck went the extra mile to show that there is no trick and Buck found his money.