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Nick (Tobey Maguire) sets up a meeting between Daisy (Carey Mulligan) and Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio). The affair between Daisy and Gatsby is reignited. Gatsby pushes Daisy to leave her husband Tom (Joel Edgerton).

In a tense confrontation on a hot summer day Daisy tells Tom that she loves Gatsby, but she admits she once loved Tom too. Tom reveals that Gatbsy’s money is acquired through shady means. A shaken Gatsby and Daisy drive home. On the way home, Tom’s mistress Myrtle mistakes Gatsby’s car for Tom’s car and rushes out in the dark. She is struck and killed by Daisy. When Tom arrives on the scene he allows Myrtle’s husband to believe that it was Gatsby that Myrtle had the affair with.

That night Gatsby waits in vain for Daisy. He admits to Nick that it was Daisy who drove the car and killed Myrtle. The next day Gatsby is by the pool waiting for Daisy to call when Myrtle’s husband shoots Gatsby dead. Nick is the only person to attend the funeral — Daisy quickly leaves town with her husband, and takes no responsibility for her part in the events.

The movie ends as Nick is now in a sanatorium. It’s revealed that he’s now put the finishing touches on the novel to be known as “The Great Gatsby.”