Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Phil (Dwier Brown) realizes that Camilla (Jenny Seagrove) is a sinister woman after getting Ned’s (Brad Hall) phone message warning him about her before she killed him (because he saw her true druid self), finding out her references were phony, and meeting with Molly Sheridan (Natalia Nogulich) – whose baby was taken by Camilla at the start of the film – and getting some shocking details from her that indicate that the nanny who took her baby and Camilla are one and the same. He fires Camilla, but the next day, she attempts to take baby Jake from his home with help from her coyotes.

Understanding that the coyotes want Jake, Kate (Carey Lowell) tells Phil to run away with him. He goes in the direction of the Sacred Forest near the house, where Camilla’s ancient tree is, and Kate soon escapes the coyotes and goes after him in their jeep. Phil soon finds himself being chased by Camilla until he is cornered at her tree, but before she can kill him and claim Jake, Kate drives in and rams her, seemingly killing her. Phil looks at the tree and sees the faces of the babies Camilla had sacrificed to it in the past protruding from the bark, and knows now that this was where she intended to take Jake.

At the police station the next day, a cop tells Phil and Kate that he and his men went to the tree’s location, but Camilla’s body was nowhere to be found. Phil and Kate go home, and Phil grabs his chainsaw and heads back into the Sacred Forest to cut the tree down. As he is making his way there, Camilla – now with tree bark-like skin – appears before Kate, telling her to hand over Jake, and a chase around the house ensues.

When Phil arrives at the tree and starts up his chainsaw, the tree comes to life and attacks him, but he manages to get the better of it and starts cutting it apart (with blood coming out of the tree’s cuts). Since Camilla’s life is bound to the tree, she gets badly wounded as a result of this, and she dies when Phil finishes the tree off, just as Kate pushes her out of a second floor window to the ground below. Phil comes home and comforts his shaken wife and son to close out the movie.